The 17th IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC 2011)

Pasadena, California, USA

December 12-14, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011




Continental Breakfast


Welcome and Plenary Session
Keynote address - Algirdas Avižienis
Distinguished professor emeritus, University of California, Los Angeles, USA and Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania
 "Can We Build a Sufficiently Dependable System for the Manned Mission to Mars?"


Session 1:  Software Reliability and Evaluation
  Session Chair:  Kishor Trivedi

- Parametric Bootstrapping for Assessing Software Reliability Measures (Toshio Kaneishi, Tadashi Dohi, Hiroshima University)

- Estimating Software Intensity Function via Multiscale Analysis and Its Application to Reliability Assessment (Xiao Xiao, Tadashi Dohi, Hiroshima University)

- Unification of Software Reliability Models Using Markovian Arrival Processes (Hiroyuki Okamura, Tadashi Dohi, Hiroshima University)

- Using Dependability Benchmarks to Support ISO/IEC SQuaRE (Jesœs Friginal, Juan Carlos Ruiz, David De AndrŽs, Fault-Tolerant Systems Group (GSTF), Instituto de Aplicaciones de las TIC Avanzadas (ITACA); Regina Moraes, University of Campinas - UNICAMP)

Session FA:  Fast Abstracts
  Session Chair:  Shiyi Xu

- Correcting DFT Codes with Modified Berlekamp-Massey Algorithm and Syndrome Extension (Robert Redinbo, University of California)

- Towards Making Dependability Visual – Combining Model-Based Design and Virtual Realities (Frank Ortmeier, Matthias GŸdemann, Michael Lipaczewski, Otto-von-Guericke-UniversitŠt Magdeburg; Marco Schumann, Fraunhofer IFF; Robert Eschbach, Fraunhofer IESE)

- A Method of Gate-level Circuit Reliability Estimation Based on Iterative PTM Model (Jie Xiao, Jianhui Jiang, Xuguang Zhu, Chentian Ouyang, Tongji University)

- A Framework for Systematic Testing of Multi-threaded Applications (Mihai Florian, California Institute of Technology)

- Model Checking Multitask Applications for OSEK Compliant Real-Time Operating Systems (Mark Mckelvin, Gerard Holzmann, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology)

- Task Mapping and Partition Allocation for Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Systems (Domitian Tamas-Selicean, Paul Pop, Technical University of Denmark)

- Revisiting Fault-Injection Experiment-Platform Architectures (Horst Schirmeier, TU Dortmund; Martin Hoffmann, University Erlangen-Nuremberg; Ruediger Kapitza, Daniel Lohmann, FAU Erlangen; Olaf Spinczyk, TU Dortmund)

- Test Generation and Computational Complexity (J—zsef Sziray, Department of Informatics, SzŽchenyi University)

- One Optimization Method on the Navigation Performance Reliability of Planing Craft (Songlin Yang, Ning Yu, Feng Zhu, Huilei Li, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology)

- Native binary mutation analysis for embedded software and virtual prototypes in SystemC (Christoph Kuznik, Wolfgang Mueller, University of Paderborn)

- A Test Model for Hardware and Software (J—zsef Sziray, Department of Informatics, SzŽchenyi University)

- Tool Supported Model-Based Safety Analysis and Optimization (Matthias Guedemann, Michael Lipaczewski, Frank Ortmeier, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg)


Lunch (handled individually by attendees)




Monday, December 12, 2011 (continued)




Session 2:  Testing
  Session Chair:  Toshi Sato

- Augmenting Functional Broadside Tests for Transition Fault Coverage with Bounded Switching Activity (Irith Pomeranz, Purdue University)

- Generation of Mixed Broadside and Skewed-Load Diagnostic Test Sets for Transition Faults (Irith Pomeranz, Purdue University)

- A Dependability Solution for Homogeneous MPSoCs (Xiao Zhang, Hans Kerkhoff, University of Twente)

Session 3:  Communications and Networks
  Session Chair:  Tadashi Dohi

- Gossiping with Network Coding (Shun Tokuyama, Tatsuhiro Tsuchiya, Tohru Kikuno, Osaka University)

- On Detecting Termination in Cognitive Radio Networks (Shantanu Sharma, Awadhesh Kumar Singh, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra)

- Utilizing Hidden Markov Models for Formal Reliability Analysis of Real-Time Communication Systems with Errors (Maurice Sebastian, Philip Axer, Rolf Ernst, TU Braunschweig)




Session 4: Memories
  Session Chair:  Masayuki Arai

- RAMpage: Graceful Degradation Management for Memory Errors in Commodity Linux Servers (Horst Schirmeier, Jens Neuhalfen, Ingo Korb, Olaf Spinczyk, Michael Engel, TU Dortmund)

- Exploiting Total Order Multicast in Weakly Consistent Transactional Caches (Pedro Ruivo, Maria Couceiro, Paolo Romano, Luis Rodrigues, GSD INESC-ID Lisboa)

- COMeT: Continuous Online Memory Test (Musfiq Rahman, Bruce Childers, Sangyeun Cho, University of Pittsburgh)


Panel:  The Many Levels of Fault Management
  Session Chair:  Lorraine Fesq


    Kymie Tan, JPL Cyber-Security

    Stephen Johnson, UCCS, General Editor for "System Health Management: with Aerospace Applications"

    Laura Pullum, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Senior Research Scientist

    Ying Chin (Bob) Yeh, Boeing, Technical Fellow






Tuesday, December 13, 2011




Continental Breakfast


Keynote address - Brian K. Muirhead
Chief Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
 "Space Exploration Challenges for Fault and Health Management"




Session 5:  Safety
  Session Chair:  Bob Yeh

- Efficient Task Allocation to FPGAs in the Safety Critical Domain (Philippa Conmy, Iain Bate, University of York)

- Dependability Enhancement of Reactor Containment in Safety Critical Nuclear Power Plants (Chi-Shiang Cho, National Taiwan University; Wei-Ho Chung, Academia Sinica; Deyun Gao, Hongke Zhang, Beijing Jiaotong University; Sy-Yen Kuo, National Taiwan University)

- Dependability Improvement for Critical Digital Systems (Herbert Hecht, SoHaR Incorporated)

Session IND:  Industry Presentations
  Session Chair:  Jianhui Jiang

- A Calculation Method of Safety Integrity Level for IEC 61508 Conformity Software (Takaji Fujiwara, SRATECH Laboratory Inc.; Mitsuhiro Kimura, Hosei University; Yoshinobu Satoh, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology; Shigeru Yamada, Tottori University)

- Automatic Robustness Assessment of DDS-Compliant Middleware (Aniello Napolitano, SESM Scarl; Antonio Bovenzi, Universitˆ degli Studi di Napoli, Federico II; Gabriella Carrozza, SESM Scarl; Christian Esposito, Universitˆ degli Studi di Napoli, Federico II)

- Failure Analysis of a Complex Learning Framework Incorporating Multi-Modal and Semi-Supervised Learning (Laura Pullum, Christopher Symons, Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

- Malware Profiler Based on Innovative Behavior-Awareness Technique (Shih-Yao Dai, Institute for Information Industry; Fyodor Yarochkin, National Taiwan University; Ming-Wei Wu, Yennun Huang, Academia Sinica; Sy-Yen Kuo, National Taiwan University)

- Access Control of Web and Java Based Applications (Kam Tso, Michael Pajevski, Bryan Johnson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory)


Lunch (handled individually by attendees)


JPL tour


Banquet open bar


Banquet dinner




Wednesday, December 14, 2011




Continental Breakfast


Session 6:  Detection and Recovery
  Session Chair:  Tomohiro Yoneda

- Numerical Defect Correction as an Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance Technique for Iterative Solvers (Fabian Oboril, Mehdi Tahoori, Vincent Heuveline, Dimitar Lukarski, Jan-Philipp Weiss, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

- Bio-inspired Error Detection for Complex Systems (Martin Drozda, Leibniz University of Hannover; Iain Bate, Jon Timmis, University of York)

- Self-Checking Components for Dependable Interactive Cockpits using Formal Description Techniques (Adrienne Tankeu Choitat, Philippe Palanque, IRIT; Jean-Charles Fabre, LAAS; David Navarre, IRIT; Yannick Deleris, Airbus)

Session 7:  Security
  Session Chair:  Ann Tai

- Characterizing Attackers and Attacks: An Empirical Study (Gabriel Salles-Loustau, ENSI Bourges; Robin Berthier, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Etienne Collange, ENSEEIHT; Bertrand Sobesto, Michel Cukier, University of Maryland)

- Specification-based Intrusion Detection for Advanced Metering Infrastructures (Robin Berthier, William Sanders, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

- A Clustering Approach for Web Vulnerabilities Detection (Rim Akrout, Mohamed Kaaniche, Vincent Nicomette, Eric Alata, Anthony Dessiatnikoff, LAAS-CNRS)




Session 8:  Virtualization and Analysis of Systems
  Session Chair:  Xiaoqing Wen

- Workload Adaptive Checkpoint Scheduling of Virtual Machine Replication (Balazs Gerofi, Yutaka Ishikawa, The University Of Tokyo)

- Resilient Virtual Clusters (Michael Le, Israel Hsu, Yuval Tamir, UCLA)

- Recovery from Failures due to Mandelbugs in IT Systems (Kishor Trivedi, Duke University; Rajesh Mansharamani, Software Performance Group; Dong Seong Kim, Duke University; Michael Grottke, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg; Manoj Nambiar, Tata Consultancy Services)

- Trend Analyses of Accidents and dependability improvement in Financial Information Systems (Koichi Bando, Kenji Tanaka, University of Electro-Communications)

Session 9:  Processors and Hardware
  Session Chair:  Myron Hecht

- Layered Diagnosis and Clock-Rate Correction for the TTEthernet Clock Synchronization Protocol

- A Self-Stabilizing Synchronization Protocol For Arbitrary Digraphs (Wilfried Steiner, TTTech Computertechnik AG; Bruno Dutertre, SRI International)

- Area-Per-Yield and Defect Level of Cascaded TMR for Pipelined Processors (Masayuki Arai, Kazuhiko Iwasaki, Tokyo Metropolitan University)